Friday, January 30, 2009

My new glasses

I've mentioned to a number of colleagues and friends recently about getting new glasses, and wanting to order them online. A while ago I found this site describing how much cheaper eye glasses are to order online, and how to order them. After getting a recent eye exam I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the new glasses online. 

Since this was my first experiment with ordering glasses online, I ordered a simple pair.  I ordered the glasses from 39DollarGlasses last Saturday. Monday morning I received an email indicating they had started processing my glasses and they should be ready in 2-4 days. Late Monday afternoon I received a second email saying my glasses had shipped. Even though I have a very simple prescription, I was still amazed by this. The glasses showed up in my mailbox on Wednesday. 

Now I'm dealing with the last step and strongest argument for the local optician: adjusting the glasses. I've worn them comfortably for the last couple of days, but they need some adjustment. I may call customer support for advice, or try to adjust it myself, but for now I'm very happy with them. If I figure out this step I couldn't imagine going back to buying from the local optometrist for glasses. 


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