Wednesday, December 13, 2023

The Nerdiest Thing I Do

I stepped up to the end of a growing line of people at work. We were having an end-of-summer event and the line was for ice cream! To make the most of my wait, I introduced myself to the person in front of me. To my horror, he knew me and we had talked before. With prompting, I vaguely remembered our conversation. I wanted to crawl into a small cave and hide.
I have always been impressed with people with great memories: The people who remember others’ names, along with supporting details, after meeting them once. Those people are so dang thoughtful. To my continual disappointment, I cannot do that. I just can’t. Since I cannot remember those things naturally, I try to achieve the same effect through brute force, using flash cards.

Smartphone screenshot. White text on black background. The open app is titled Ankidroid. On the left side of the screen are bolded names of decks of flashcards. On the right are numbers showing the number of expected reviews for each deck.
Screen shot of my Anki decks before studying one morning.