Thursday, July 1, 2021

Writing To Be Read

Why do you write? I am an engineer and (to my surprise) I find that I write a lot. I write for several reasons: I write to take notes; I write to organize my thinking; I write to learn. All of these reasons are important, but I don't share those writings with others. I also write to change things: to convey ideas; to teach; to persuade. There is one thing that I desperately need in order to have a chance of achieving those goals: I need a reader. I need someone to read what I have written and to engage with my ideas. I need someone to understand what I wrote, think about its implications, and challenge my arguments. Because I need a reader, I write to be read.

Knowing why you do something provides a guide to doing it better. Knowing that I want people to read my writing, guides how I write, and guides my efforts to be a better writer. Chances are that you write as well. Maybe, you would like me to read what you have written. If so, please consider my thoughts below.