Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Why I Write

Sitting at my computer recently, I read the following message:

I'm halfway through your "Peer Groups in the Workplace" post… It's awesome. In the past I've [started to create] a Slack group with a bunch [of my] peers … and eventually hit cancel. I'm going to finish your post, and then create that group later today. Thank you for the push I needed!

Receiving and reading that message made my day. 

My last post described a number of changes I am making to my blog. I offered two reasons for those changes: making my writing more accessible and practicing writing with constraints. This post dives into the motivations (both selfish and selfless) underlying those reasons that ultimately keep me writing every morning. These motivations are the real driving forces behind the changes in my writing. 

Picture of desk with monitor,  keyboard,  trackpad, and a pad of paper to the right side.  There's a window behind the monitor.
My desk, ready for writing