Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Should I Go to Grad School and Get a Ph.D.?

One of my favorite things to do is to formally and publicly address newly minted Ph.D.s with their title. “Congratulations Dr. Smith!” I’ve done it in person, on LinkedIn, and Twitter. Getting a Ph.D. is hard. It requires time, luck, and personal sacrifice. It makes me happy to acknowledge that person and their accomplishment.

I get to work with many extraordinary college students through my company's internship program. When I talk to them, some are deciding between going to graduate school or getting a job after graduation, but aren’t sure what to do. This post is my advice to those students.
David holding a small girl, both looking at the camera. David is wearing academic robes with blue academic hood around neck and going down back. David is holding a very small girl (toddler) who is wearing a purple dress.

Graduation day many years ago, holding my daughter after receiving my Ph.D., with my mother to the left.